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In The Second Reproduction, whenever I open it, it only appears as a black screen. I already checked through most of the comments, but none of them have an answer that I'm looking for.

Please check the answer below ^^

So, I just downloaded that game you advised, the Second Reproduction, but it always ends up in black screens for me. I checked almost all of the comments, but I can't find one the answer that I'm looking for. Please help, I really want to play this game :(

Hello, I know I haven’t been on this blog for a really long time so you might have found a solution to this by now but if not, please message me again and I’ll try my best to help you ^^

It’s a Match MAGE in Heaven!


Just found out about this cute game on deviantart
It’s called ‘It’s a Match MAGE in Heaven! 

Here is the link:

I’m playing it right now as well ^^
Tell me which guy did you get and what do you think of it.

Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

are there any romance otome games for free and online except for star project and my candy love?

Yess, there is cafe rouge with 3 characters

keep playing all the eps till the end  I recommend checking a walkthrough for your first game play because you might get lost sometimes and also SAVE the code you get in the end of an eps because you’ll need it in the next one :3 have fun 

I haven't had a chance to replay Eduardo in PIrates in Love, but if you tell him to sing what will happen? Because I'm really curious. The last time I made the heroine sing because in a different walkthrough it told me to have the heroine sing. Also I can't find the link for Second Reproduction you posted.

I’m so sorry I don’t really remember because pirates in love is the first otome game I played on my Iphone and also Eduardo was the first route so I don’t remember at all ‘n’ 

The link for Second Reproduction is right here > 

how do u get the game summer found me??? :'c because i have no idea how to

Hi, hope this is not too late but all you need to do is just click on this link then click on download :3 

Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul

If you haven’t played it then you’re missing a lot!
I played this game a month ago,I guess and I loved it..It was really good 

Download link:


A new otome game is out and it’s called Rei 
It’s a supernatural high school romance *yayy,my fav*
It has 4 possible endings, links beloww


Download link and also more information about the game:

Celebrity Darling for GREE/Kyosuke Nakanishi walkthrough

I’m working on Kyosuke Nakanishi right now so I’m going to post the choices I picked so far and I do think they will lead to a happy ending..I hope.

Level 1/Scene 1:
A.Take the DVD
A.Sorry.But I live here

Level 2/Scene 2:
A.I don’t expect anything to happen
B.Can we try once more

Level 3/scene 3:
B.Rush over to Yamada
B.Smile at Kyosuke

Level 4/Scene 4:
A.There is plenty left.Do you want to eat some?
A.Do the dishes with Kyosuke

Level 5/Scene 5:
B.Tell him your number
B.Ok,let’s watch it!

annnd this is where I am, I’ll keep updating you guys :3 
If you finished the route or you are far ahead and have a walkthrough  you can send it to me and I’ll share it with everyone here.

A Knight’s Devotion is OUT!

Yayy, I’m so escited for it
I’m downloading Ken’s route right now :3 
You’ll find it in App store and Google play..what are you waiting for!
go play it and tell me what you think and who is your favorite.