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Pirates in love~Super Happy Ending~


Since i just bought an Iphone and I’m an otome freak, I came across some of otome games like shall we date and others, Of course i downloaded shall we date because they gave you a couple of free characters which is pretty awesome, more than i need!

Yesterday I came across ‘pirates in love’ i was really happy to see that it was free on ITunes of course I ran, got my Iphone and bam! Download.. After 2 minutes i got really disappointed! you only have 2 mins in the game,they tell you how you got on the ship and you have to pick a guy to be your roommate, I clicked on the one who caught my eye the most ‘Eduardo’ annd then i realized you have to pay 4$ for a guy, my heart felt heavy ;n;

4$ for a guy is waay too much! They could’ve made the game 6$ and characters free, or give us 2 and make the rest 0,99$ just like shall we date..

Anyways, The fact that I’m sharing a room with a guy got me flipping out, in my head i was screaming i must at least try it! and I bought Eduardo ;u;


Eduardo  -Super happy ending-

Of course, I bought Eduardo I just couldn’t resist what he is wearing and the eye patch! Ayee ayee Sexy :P
annd I’m a sucker for a guy who makes fun of me, I just love to change their minds about me..

I usually go everywhere on Google looking for walkthroughs, because i like to get thee perfect happy ending from the first try but sadly i found none, so i decided I’m just going to play it for once and see how good I’m going to be at this, guess what! I got the super happy ending from my very first try, I’ll give you what i picked

but first my review:

As Eduardo’s story line and stuff, I liked it a lot, The story got me sometimes blushing or throwing the phone from happiness , like I’m living the story with them.

There is some parts that i loved the most when Alan shows up from time to time, hehe

Fuzzy was just plain funny! i loved her a lot, I wish i had a fuzzy in real life :’(

I liked how the super happy end ended it was very nice, I don’t like that they have happy and super happy ending, I’m a person who loves a super happy ending and a sad ending i think that could’ve been nice!

I loved Eduardo’s path because ehm ;n; I downloaded Nathan yesterday as well, You’ll know what i mean when you play this path, You’ll run for Nathan..
till now Eduardo was my fav.


I’ll go to sleep
I used to clean everyday
I’m sorry too
Please let me go
I should tell fuzzy
Keep my eyes half open
I’m so happy that i just got
It’s nice and warm
I’m gonna go
One silver coin (the right answer is two of course but i liked teasing him ;u;)
Drink like crazy
You mean love?
Thank you!
I pinched it myself
I’m so shy i look away
I wanna know more about him
I’ll sing!
Let’s giver her a hand together
Squeeze his hand
You can change how you live now
Try to get away from him
Keep whining
How useful am i?
Punch him
I’m sorry
Kick his crotch
I said I’m nervous
Can you say that again?
Give it a try
The room of the king and the queen


Nathan -Super happy ending-

Gulity, I admit..
But if you played Eduardo’s path , you just go ‘what if..’ so i had to run run run and buy Nathan thou it’s still very expansive >.<

Do i regret it? Kinda.. I wasn’t pleased with how the story line was going, Don’t get me wrong i loved that he was a bandit on the run, I loved how fuzzy didn’t show up like shall we date they have one girl and she is always in love with the guy you pick.. thank god it’s not the same here, I also loved that he cooks and he never wanted to be a pirate..
but something was off.. Maybe because i had high hopes for him,annd in the game play i was really, I didn’t know what to pick, It felt like every time i pick an answer, he reacts in a bad way.
Kinda short? Eduardo’s path was longer, i guess.
and I wasn’t satisfied with the super happy end that when it ended i wasn’t sure it wrote ‘super happy end’ so i had to play it again and it is the super happy end.. I don’t know y’all… I didn’t feel it buut Nathan is a hottie :P


A chef on board?
Keep insisting
That’s too much to ask,right?
A chocolate covered banana
Are you worried about me?
I’m sorry…
Not really
It’s OK if you don’t want to tell me
Because I’m worried about you..
I’ll be OK because I’m with you
I’m sorry…
I ask him by a gesture
‘Cause you were straight with me
I don’t think It’s nothing
Hold his hand softly
…Thank you
…Offer her a seat?

Did i do somthin’?
Do i like what?
Be careful
Kick him in the crotch
Well, he tried to molest me..
I’ll come with you!
Call Nathan
You’re stupid!
(Slap his head)
I wanna keep doing like this


Russell~Super happy endindg~

Yippee, I finished Russell just now and my eyes hurt, was worth it thou.
I loved Russell, I liked how he was really mean at first then he got all nice and lovey lovey after that, I loved his pictures too, I haz no idea why :P
I did enjoy it but I don’t know I still like Eduardo’s path the most.
I suffered with Nathan and Russell was okay, but Eduardo i was all comfy and all my answers was true form my heart, it was what i really wanted to say, I guess I’m an Eduardo gal..

Fuzzy showed up! she had a thing for Russell, I was surprised then after that she disappeared!
Morgan flirts with you, and you get to know alot bout Morgan in Russell’s path, I lusth for Morgan, make him available as soon as possible!
I really wanted to see more of Alan too :’( I would love it if they make an Alan path!

Anywaaaaaaaaays, Your walkthrough is here:

I do!
Do you have any other choice?
Fight back with a deck brush
Just follow him
Are you sure?
I’m sorry
Shake the head
Hug him
It was so good.. i can’t believe it
OK, all right!
They all look yummy!
I’m excited to go shopping togther
He’s my supervisor
I got to go and tell Russell
I wanna know that,too
I want you to keep on protcting me
I’ll come with you!
That’s right!
I get it
Me nethier
Thank god…


Morgan - Super happy ending ~

Yesterday I finally finished Morgan in pirates in love, I was really into the story I liked it alot, Pretty interesting, Ofcoure i was just stating at Morgan’s pretty face all the time.

Also is it just me or the questions here are alot and some of them are weirddd! you have a child? I’m his lovechild?
I really hate hate the fact that all of them call me a ‘child’ how old is this girl? REALLY? :D

I liked lee *whistles* i would like to see him again :P

anyways here is your walkthrough:

* Yes
* …
* I don’t know …
* Just a crew member
* Yes
* A little ..
* Did you feel sorry for him?
* I don’t think you’re a bad person
* …
* I wanted to buy something
* I’m worried
* I’ll do it
* I wondered
* Cry baby
* No
* No way
* I can’t …
* You have a child
* Captain hates me now
* Captain, You idiot
* Okay
* It’s none of your business
* I feel safe
* I’ll stay on the sirius
* No
* Believe Alan
* I wanted to stay with you
* Only you could be our Captain
* We need Alan
* Yes!
* You won’t forget me, right?
* I’ll go with you


Thomas - Super happy ending ~

I finished Thomas’s path, I hope you guys are happy ;u;
Something bothered me is the ‘Miss..’ thing, ;n; no
Leon is a cutie :3
The story was really good, i liked it alot
annd Thomas looked really handsome in the prince outfit :3


* Do you want to share the bed?
* Don’t apologize
* What are you looking for?
* Touch his face
* How is your jaw?
* …
* Fight alongside them
* I’m so happy we’re working together!
* Stop it!
* I’d love to
* I’ll go,too!
Let’s keep going 
* Thanks for worrying about me
* There is no need to apologize
* It looks good on you
* There is nothing going on between me and Leon
* You seem more heroic now
* It’s up to you,Thomas
* It’s cute
* Look inside the treasure box
* I’ll be a decoy
* We want to stop the war!