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The Knife of the Traitor walkthrough

Okay, yes i found difficulty in this cute little game that i loved
i bet some of you did too :p

sooo here is what I did:
when you pick a character, stick to it and don’t treat the others nicely!
Imma put the important things you should picck, that effect the ending

Pat him
Tell because he is cute
Ask if there is something you could do to make him happy
Don’t forgive Corvus

Change his bandages
Ask him if it hurts less
Protect Corvus
Forgive Corvus

Cheer him
Don’t forgive Corvus
Say you can’t

Pat Vosges
Because you felt like it
Change Gervas bandages
Agree with him
Call him when you’re with Vosges
Don’t protect him
Forgive him

And that is all, enjoy what comes after getting all the endings ^^ It’s awesome

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14 notes

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