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Celebrity Darling for GREE/Kyosuke Nakanishi walkthrough

I’m working on Kyosuke Nakanishi right now so I’m going to post the choices I picked so far and I do think they will lead to a happy ending..I hope.

Level 1/Scene 1:
A.Take the DVD
A.Sorry.But I live here

Level 2/Scene 2:
A.I don’t expect anything to happen
B.Can we try once more

Level 3/scene 3:
B.Rush over to Yamada
B.Smile at Kyosuke

Level 4/Scene 4:
A.There is plenty left.Do you want to eat some?
A.Do the dishes with Kyosuke

Level 5/Scene 5:
B.Tell him your number
B.Ok,let’s watch it!

annnd this is where I am, I’ll keep updating you guys :3 
If you finished the route or you are far ahead and have a walkthrough  you can send it to me and I’ll share it with everyone here.

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